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Worship Wednesday 17/06/20

For today’s #WorshipWedneday Steve reminds us to see Jesus in the present …

Whilst I love this song musically (featuring Dolly Parton – what’s not to like!), it’s the lyrics which make it one I want to listen to again and again. How many times is it that only when we look back do we see the presence of Jesus? Guiding us, supporting us, nurturing us, protecting us, loving us.

Jesus is always present in our lives, so rather than looking back and being grateful for his presence, how much better to recognise him in the here and now and enjoy that love, support, peace and protection. People and circumstance will come and go, but ‘There was Jesus’, ‘always is and always was’.

In the waiting, in the searching
In the healing and the hurting
Like a blessing buried in the broken pieces
Every minute, every moment
Where I've been and where I'm going
Even when I didn't know it or couldn't see it
There was Jesus

Listen to ‘There was Jesus’ here:

Listen to ‘There was Jesus’ with lyrics here:

Matthew 28:20 – “And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age”

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