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Worship Wednesday 01/07/20

Karen reminds us of God’s gift of peace this #WorshipWednesday …

This is a relatively new song I have been listening to. My husband Martin is a huge worshiper. He often has “YouTube” on and has iPad time in the evenings, singing along at great volume.

Just last Friday, I had a huge presentation to deliver on Teams from my office at home, representing the whole of my National Team in feeding back how we are having to modify our ways of working under covid-19. Our work is going to fill a large part of our life, and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what we believe is a great work. However, in the flesh I was starting to panic, but then I heard this song and the words …

Can’t go back to the beginning
“But I know here in the middle
Is the place where you promise to be?
I’m not enough unless you come,
Not for a minute, was I forsaken,
The Lord is in this place.

Christ, that is Jesus and me, delivered the presentation on Friday, with no issues and great feedback. This song, also reminded me of the verse.
“Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid.”

A troubled and fearful heart works like fingers that clamp down hard on a water hose. The supply of water is flowing from the tap, but little or nothing is coming out at the other end of the hose. God’s ever-present supply of blessings toward you is like the water flowing freely from the tap. But you don’t see the blessings when you allow your heart to be gripped by worry or fear.

So when fearful, anxious thoughts come, I have to remind myself of Jesus’ words: “Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid.” Your family and friends cannot “let not” for you. Only you can “let not your heart be troubled.”

When you guard your heart, God will guard everything else for you! Often we don’t find peace by rearranging our circumstances, but by realising who we are in him, at the deepest level. I know that when I put my problems in God’s hands, he puts his peace in my heart.

Listen to ‘Here Again’ by Elevation Worship here:

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