Worship Wednesday 01/04/20

In the last week my Facebook feed has been filled with ‘memes’ about 2020 being a write off, and with cancelled events and summer holiday plans it may feel like that for many of us. Yet in Isaiah 43:16-20 (NLT), God tells us He is about to do something NEW! Verse 16-17 tells us of the wonders God has already done, however in verse 18 we are told “But, forget all that”. This does not mean we are not to be grateful for what God has done in our past and the miracles he has provided in our lives, but that we are to stop looking back and start to look forward because God has MORE!


Our first Worship Wednesday song reminds us that God is not finished yet, even in this situation where all may seem lost. God has victory over all and a wealth of blessings and miracles yet to pour out in our lives and in our world. So let us take this opportunity to reset ourselves with God and let him do something new in our lives, because if He did it then, He can do it all again!