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Trust Tuesday 28/04/20

This week’s prayer is provided by Cheryl …

Lord God,

In these difficult times, you are the one Rock on whom we can all depend. We know that you are there to support us all, that you will be close to those who are struggling to understand why our daily lives have changed or who find it difficult to cope with a different routine.

You are a firm Foundation, you hold up the weak, those suffering mentally with the situation, those who feel there is no future in life.

You are a Tower of Strength, we know that you are there for everyone; even when our Faith waivers, or when our anger and frustration at what we cannot control is directed at you.

You are the Rock, who is there above us all. We pray that we will continue to look up to you; to Praise you, to Thank You, and to Worship You. May we too be that Rock in our own homes and in our Communities.

In the Name of Christ

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