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Trust Tuesday 05/05/20

This #TrustTuesday Joany shares a prayer …

Come Holy Spirit as we gather together in prayer with trust and with Your warmth and love in our hearts.

In the Bible, gifted to us by you, the word trust appears 360 times. We trust you Father that you are in control during this pandemic your world is going through. We trust that you know all the anguished prayers that we bring to you each day for every aspect of suffering that this COVID-19 virus is causing and our trust ensures us that You are listening.

Help us to make this Trust Tuesday a day when we choose to bring our prayers to you in stronger faith. When you healed the sick and blind you disclaimed that it was You who had healed but the recipients’ Faith and Trust.

Let us choose to learn more about the power of prayer, that nothing happens without prayer, that in prayer we build our trusting relationship with You our Lord.

Thank You Lord for those Faithful servants who have really deeply studied and trusted Your word, giving them the gift of teaching. Thank you for the message Derek brought to us last Sunday. Let us choose to go back to that now and hear again confirmation from the Bible that we must never give up praying and trusting, even when we are in despair that nothing seems to be happening in answer.

Please Lord, we pray that You choose to work in the hearts of those who don’t know you and find no peace in these extraordinary times through which we are living. Thank You dear Lord for my lesson of trusting that we cannot feel low when we sing our prayers to You.

In Christ’s name we pray, Amen

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