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Thoughtful Thursday 23/04/20

Karen shares an encouraging thought this Thursday …

My Dad sent this picture round all the family a few weeks ago, as we are facing a challenging time.  It was so encouraging, and reminded me again that what we believe determines what we receive, so we need to be thinking and believing correctly.  All these people had faith, which is a good opinion of God and trusted God when they didn’t understand his plan. God was in control of their lives even though they could have thought their lives were out of control. When our circumstances are difficult, it is sometimes easy to say, ‘where is God in all this?’

But his dream for your life is more rewarding more fulfilling and better than you ever dreamed of, but stay open and let God do it his way. When Paul was struggling with difficulties, God said to him my grace is sufficient.  He proved that wonderfully when he was stoned to death and having his body dragged out of the city. He very quickly got up alive and walked on to the next city 60 miles away.  (Acts 14:19-20)  God will not let difficult circumstances hinder God’s purpose for your life!

I have found that when we are pushed to the edge of a difficulty, that when we trust Him completely, two things can happen, either He will catch us when we fall, or he will teach us how to fly.

As Charles Spurgeon once said, “God is too good to be unkind and too wise to be mistaken, and when we cannot trace His hand we must trust His heart.”

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