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October 2020 Newsletter!

Dear friends,

We’ve come a long way since the days of complete lockdown at the height of the Coronavirus threat. What worrying weeks and months those were and yet what glimpses of positivity and hope we have seen in the ways we supported one another through simple acts of love: by a phone call, an email, an offer of help to one another and to our neighbours and above all in prayer. We may have been physically separated but we remained and continue united in faith as the Body of Christ both here and throughout the world. 

I’m delighted that we were able to open the doors of our church buildings for public worship from September, we warmly welcome and receive all who wish to come in. At such a time as this it is important to remember that more than any other social institution, our presence in the community represents God’s light, hope and welcome to all. Being able to reopen our church building under these circumstances then symbolises a practical affirmation of our continued faith in God’s world and an encouragement to our community. We have reopened our churches with the greatest of caution taking into account all government guidelines for our health and safety and implementing these in the church and premises to the best of our ability. This means you will find many changes as you return to the building gradually and those who have been to the church service already, will be well aware of it.

Coming back into more physical contact after the times we’ve been through poses its challenges particularly as the virus has not entirely disappeared. It is understandable that not everyone will feel able to make that step for many good reasons. I hope no one will feel under any pressure to do anything they are not quite ready for. Services of worship and fellowship opportunities will continue to be offered online.

We are in this together and we are not alone for God who loves us more than we can ever know or understand is with us and will help us through. So, may we embrace this time with renewed faith, joy and strength trusting in God always and continuing to love and serve one another in the best Christian love.

With prayers and best wishes

Rev. Isaac

Prayer diary October 2020 

1          Pray for those who are concerned about the future of their employment as furlough comes to an end.

2          Pray for the health workers who are caring for those with Covid

3          Pray for those who do not have a safe place to live, that they may find protection and a real home 

4          Pray for all the animals in the world, that those in danger in the wild may be protected, that those now domesticated may be well treated

5          Pray for those who have lost loved ones this year, that they may feel comfort from family and friends, even though they are unable to be in physical contact

6          Pray for Students at University and College, that they will benefit from their experience and that their education will not be limited by the contact restrictions

7          Pray that the smile you give to a stranger will brighten their life

8          Pray for Eden Valley Hospice and Hospice at Home in our local community, for all the work their volunteers undertake and for the care and support which they provide for those in need

9          Pray for Teenagers who are learning to live with social restrictions at a time in their lives when it is normal to seek an element of independence from parents and home

10        Pray for those living in Care Homes, and for their families and friends at this time when they cannot meet each other

11        Pray that we will all feel the Peace of Our Lord Jesus Christ at this time

12        Pray for those who are sick, and those recovering from surgery or accidents, that they may not fear the visits to the GP and hospital, pray that they may make a full recovery 

13        Pray for those who have become parents during this year especially for those who have been unable to meet with their wider family 

14        Pray for those who are involved in putting together the virtual Parish Annual General Meeting tomorrow

15         Pray for the Parish Annual General Meeting which takes place tonight

16        Pray for those who have taken on roles within the Parish, that God will give them the wisdom and skills to fulfil the tasks before them

17        Pray for those who run Sports and Social activities for the community, that they may keep in touch with their members and encourage them to remain active even if they cannot meet

18        Thank God for his unfailing love for us all

19        Pray for all the Care Workers who are looking after those in need in their own homes

20        Pray for the under 5’s as they learn to live in a world which is very different to their experience last year

21        Pray for all those in the Parish who continue to ensure that our Church is still open

22        Pray for those in authority who are making decisions which affect our everyday life

23        Pray for schoolchildren who finish today for half-term, that they may have a safe holiday

24        Pray for those who are hard of hearing, that they may not feel isolated from people wearing masks, pray that we might all be more aware of the need to be conscious of others needs

25        Pray for mother-in-laws wherever they may be, and for those whose mother-in-law is no longer with them

26        Pray for Teachers at the start of a well earned break, that they may find an opportunity to rest and relax 

27        Give thanks for the wonderful colours of autumn that they may be a reminder to us all of the love of God

28        Pray for those who undertake voluntary work in the community, for those who deliver meals to the elderly and vulnerable, for those who are a listening ear to the lonely

29        Pray for the World, that we may pull together to overcome this pandemic

30        Pray for the people of the United States of America as they prepare to vote in the election, that they may use their vote wisely

31        Pray for those who finish furlough today with no job to return to, that they may find suitable work and that they will find the support which they need


Ann Coulthard

Ann Coulthard would like to thank everyone for the lovely messages and cards she received for her 90th birthday. 

APCM 2020

Our APCM this year will be held on Thursday the 15th Oct 2020 @7:30pm via teams – Matt will send a link to everyone so those who wish can join the meeting. I will circulate all the papers and reports for the meeting prior to the meeting via email. For those who don’t have an email, we will try and get hard copies to each member. There will also be a set of all these documents available at the back of the church form Sunday the 4th of October.

Pastoral Care

One of our biggest challenges and concerns over the last couple of months has been pastoral care. I have tried to call, email and visit a number of people in the parish over the last few weeks and months and so has Valerie Johnson, who looks after the pastoral care group, but that has not been enough as this is a huge task. I am also aware that there are many individuals who have provided excellent care to many people in our parishes, and I am very grateful to them. As we look and plan for the future, I am delighted to say that Rev. Susan Holmes will be joining us and will be working with us in the area of pastoral care and visiting. Susan, Valerie and I have met together, and we hope to get in touch with every member of the congregation and beyond as time allows, to offer care, love and support especially in this difficult and unprecedented times. If you have any specific needs please do get in touch with Mrs. Valerie Johnson, Rev. Susan Holmes or Rev. Isaac Lawrence.


Our harvest services are as follows

Cotehill 4th October 10 am

Scotby 11th October 10 am

You are very welcome to bring long life food to the church for the harvest service, here is a list of preferred items for donations:

  • Sugar
  • Tins of vegetables (not tomatoes or pulses)
  • Tins of meat
  • Tins of fruit
  • Cereal
  • Biscuits
  • Bottled sauces
  • Coffee/Tea/Hot Chocolate
  • And any Practical Toiletries

For Scotby – If you wish to make a donation but can’t come to church, you can leave the donation in the back porch of the vicarage or contact Margaret Sibley on 01228543069.

Church Services

If you wish to attend the church service can I please remind that due to limited numbers allowed, please

  • Book through Revd. Isaac Lawrence.
  • Bring a mask with you and wear it at all times through the service.
  • Sanitise your hands as you enter the building.
  • Use the books available on the pew and leave them there as you leave.
  • Follow social distancing at all times.

Schedule of Online & Church Services October 2020


         Parish Online Service – 10:30 am (

            Scotby                         10 am CW MP 

Cotehill                         10 am HC – Harvest                   

11        Parish Online Service     10:30 am                        

Scotby                          10:00 am HC CW – Harvest

18        Parish Online Service     10:30 am                        

            Scotby                          10 am CW HC

            Cotehill                         10 am CW MP

25        Parish Online Service     10:30 am                        

Scotby                          10 am CW -HC 

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