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Newsletter & Prayer Diary June 2020

Dear friends,

These last few weeks have put our communities to the test as we work together to combat the effects of COVID-19. But as stressful as I know this experience has been for all of us, I am uplifted and reassured by all the ways people across our communities are working to keep everyone safe, calm and prepared through this crisis.

Today I simply want to say thank you. You are such an amazing congregation and it has been such as blessing to be your Vicar. I am blown away by your compassion, generosity and willingness to serve each other in this difficult time. Thank you so much for all that you do.

Many of us feel disorientated in these extraordinary circumstances but I am grateful that your resilience ensures our mission continues: To be a community of faith, to work together as the body of Christ, to love, help and support each other with the main focus on the mission that is set before us i.e. to proclaim the good news of the gospel of Christ to those who still don’t know him.

The end of lockdown is clearly going to be a gradual and staged process. And even though we are seeing a light at the end of the tunnel, as life returns to normality slowly, there is still fear and insecurity but we are encouraged by the inspiring ways in which individuals and communities are rising in response to this crisis in this time of great turmoil and isolation.

In this time of brokenness and great need as people of faith we are called to persist in prayer trusting in God’s unconditional love and abundant grace for all. So, my prayer is that we will continue to give our best, to look out for one another, serving our fellow human beings with generosity of spirit and with love and loyalty of heart.

Thank you for sharing in the gospel of Christ and in bringing hope and comfort to those in need.

Please be assured of my prayers for you.

God bless,



Prayer diary June 2020

  1. Pray for our schools, head teachers and teachers, as they get ready to welcome children back to school.
  2. Pray today for all who are involved in the current corona virus health emergency – those infected and those caring for them.
  3. Pray for all who work with the hungry and homeless. Ask God to give them strength as they daily strive to improve the situations they find.
  4. Pray for wisdom for our national leaders as they work out where our country goes next in these changing times.
  5. Pray for those who volunteer to drive patients to and from hospital appointments.
  6. Pray for courage and strength for those who work in our health service as they bring care to all who are in need.
  7. Pray today for families where relationships are broken.  May there be unity, healing and peace in their lives.
  8. Pray for all who are mourning at this time. Pray that the Lord will bring them comfort and let their memories of good times outweigh those which cause pain.
  9. Pray for healing for all whose mental health is compromised, that they may find their way to a place of calm and positivity.
  10. Pray for those who are facing changes and challenges in their homes or in their workplaces.
  11. Pray today for new-born babies and their mothers who live in countries where there are very few, or even no health care services.
  12. Pray for all those who have been unable to marry at this time.
  13. Pray for those who are grieving the loss of someone dear to them, and feel they cannot have the send off which feels right for them.
  14. Pray for all those who suffer mental anguish.
  15. Pray that we will all experience the touch of the Holy Spirit through the online services, and especially pray for wisdom for Isaac, Derek and Steve as they lead and preach.
  16. Pray that we will all understand the need to social distance as we get used to our new found freedom.
  17. Pray for the safety of those who have to travel by public transport. May they respect the space required to social distance.
  18. Pray for those who are trying to develop a vaccine.
  19. Give thanks for the beauty of this spring, and the time to enjoy it.
  20. Pray for all in the NHS and Care Staff.
  21. We welcome all who join our online service and look forward to the recommencement of our church services.
  22. Pray that we will all be filled with the Holy Spirit, so that we are able to fulfil Jesus’ commandments.
  23. Pray that in this time of uncertainty, we will focus on Jesus, so that we may be filled with His Peace.
  24. Thank God for the technology that has enabled us to meet up and reach out to each other.
  25. Pray continually for the whole world that working together we may come out of this pandemic.
  26. Pray that as things become more as they used to be, we will reflect on what is important to each one and act accordingly.
  27. Pray for the world, our country and our parish, our mission community and surrounding area.
  28. Pray for those whose employment prospects are currently very uncertain, especially any known to you.
  29. As the government prepares to review measures, pray for wisdom in all the important decisions that are to be made about emerging safely from lockdown.
  30. Pray for all those who mourn the loss of a loved one due to the virus, or for any other reason, that they will know God’s comfort and be able to grieve properly.



  1. Pat Scott
  2. Gary Eccleston


Children’s Society

A huge thank you to Audrey Smith for her role as the children’s society representative for Scotby church. Audrey has been the representative for many years and will be stepping down as of this month.

Audrey says, “I would like to THANK everyone’s continuing support for the Children Society Boxes. The total raised was £566:66p plus any gift aid from the Inland Revenue.”


Schedule of Online Services June & July 2020 at 10.30am

  • 7th  June – Isaac
  • 14th June – Steve Salkeld
  • 21st June (Father’s Day) – Isaac
  • 28th July – Derek Nelson
  • 5th July – Isaac & Ian Powley
  • 12th July – Steve Salkeld
  • 19th July – Isaac
  • 26th July – Derek Nelson

I would like to share with you some prayers that have been produced by the Church of England during Coronavirus.

Prayers about the outbreak

Keep us, good Lord,
under the shadow of your mercy
in this time of uncertainty and distress.
Sustain and support the anxious and fearful,
and lift up all who are brought low;
that we may rejoice in your comfort
knowing that nothing can separate us from your love
in Christ Jesus our Lord. Amen.

Lord Jesus Christ,
you taught us to love our neighbour,
and to care for those in need
as if we were caring for you.
In this time of anxiety, give us strength
to comfort the fearful, to tend the sick,
and to assure the isolated
of our love, and your love,
for your name’s sake. Amen.

God of compassion,
be close to those who are ill, afraid or in isolation.
In their loneliness, be their consolation;
in their anxiety, be their hope;
in their darkness, be their light;
through him who suffered alone on the cross,
but reigns with you in glory,
Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

For those who are ill

Merciful God,
we entrust to your tender care
those who are ill or in pain,
knowing that whenever danger threatens
your everlasting arms are there to hold them safe.
Comfort and heal them,
and restore them to health and strength;
through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.


For hospital staff and medical researchers

Gracious God,
give skill, sympathy and resilience
to all who are caring for the sick,
and your wisdom to those searching for a cure.
Strengthen them with your Spirit,
that through their work many will be restored to health;
through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

From one who is ill or isolated

O God,
help me to trust you,
help me to know that you are with me,
help me to believe that nothing can separate me
from your love
revealed in Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

For the Christian community

We are not people of fear:
we are people of courage.
We are not people who protect our own safety:
we are people who protect our neighbours’ safety.
We are not people of greed:
we are people of generosity.
We are your people God,
giving and loving,
wherever we are,
whatever it costs
For as long as it takes
wherever you call us. Amen


I will say of the LORD, “He is my refuge and my fortress, my God, in whom I trust.”

Psalm 91:2