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Getting into deep water? (check the small print!)

By Steve Salkeld

Manufacturers of ‘off-road’ vehicles like to advertise their products in mind boggling situations. A vehicle on a mountain crag, where we would expect nothing but a goat to be able to go, driving across a swamp that would be more fitting for a hovercraft. We’re supposed to think that these vehicles are invincible.

Looking at cars in a garage recently the salesman informed me that the car I was showing interest in had a setting which was adjustable for different terrain. I explained that I was only looking for a little runaround, so the variation in terrain was more likely to be a choice between the Tesco or Asda car park!

An advertisement was brought to my attention showing one of these off road vehicles crossing a river, up to its headlights, forging its way forward. However, the small print pointed out “Traversing deep water can cause damage, which voids the vehicle warranty.”

Deep water can be a problem not just for vehicles, but also for us. As we go through life we often find ourselves surrounded by seemingly deep waters, stormy seas and crashing waves – we need more than a terrain setting button!

Psalms tell us that our God “is a refuge in times of trouble” (9:9), that “in times of trouble He shall …. set me high upon a rock” (27:5). No disclaimers here! Facing deep water doesn’t affect our spiritual warranty, God is always there to guarantee His support.

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