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Electoral Roll

As we approach our AGM, we have to make public our current Electoral Roll. As such, the latest copy is displayed in our 2 church buildings and is available to view on our website as the link below. (On our website, using the main menu, click on Church Life, then click Electoral Roll page).

Electoral Roll

We are aware that GDPR has raised some concerns regarding the renewal of the Electoral Roll. We have received guidance that:

The 2020 update to the Church Representation Rules means that all the relevant forms have been updated to include an informative note explaining the legal bases for collecting data for an Electoral Roll. This note also covers the publication of the Electoral Roll. Rolls may be published electronically instead of in paper form. The Roll as published must include every name entered on the Roll but not other personal data (e.g. addresses).”

As such, this role which is available only contains names and date entered on the roll. No other personal information is included in this online version to ensure GDPR compliance.

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