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Autumn prayer (02/11/20)

By Cheryl Christian

Rydal Water (2012)

Lord as we look out onto your beautiful world, bathed in glorious Autumn colours we thank you.

When we see the bright golden leaves, we are thankful to you for our wealth; for the fact that we can afford shelter, warmth and an abundance of food. We bring to you those who are without a home, those who cannot afford to heat their home and those who go hungry, either through poverty or famine; relieve their suffering.

When we see the flash of red on the trees, we thank you for the bright and cheerful things in our lives, for our friends and family, for our villages and community. We remember the suffering of those whose lives are blighted by the cruelty of man to man; bring relief to their suffering and peace between those who fight. We lift up to you those who are unwell
this time and ask for your healing upon them.

When we look at the green foliage, we thank you for the new life which continues without pause; we thank you for those who have been born during this year, be with them and their families that they may know your love for them. As we think of the lush green of the Rainforests, we pray that you will give wisdom to those whose decisions can protect these forests for the benefit of your world.

When we see the mellow yellow leaves glowing on the branches; we thank you for the sun which shines down upon your children around the world. We pray that through the sufferings of the Covid Pandemic your people will become united, recognising that we are all one race living under your sun.

When we look upon the dull brown vegetation; we thank you for the soil; that we may understand that the essential things for life are not always visually attractive. Help us all to look beyond the appearance of those we meet that we may see the positive attributes in everyone. May we
encourage each other to use the gifts given to us, by you, for the benefit of all.

When we reflect on the orange leaves around us; may we pause and thank you for the rest at the end of the day as the sun goes down. Be with those for whom the evenings and night are too long; those who dread the loneliness once the curtains are closed; those who through pain are unable to rest; may they feel the comfort of your presence.

As we watch the dark spots in the sky as the geese fly overhead to the Solway for the winter. We pray that you will remove from each of us the spots which darken our lives in so many different ways. As the geese find sanctuary on the plains of the Solway, may we each find sanctuary in your everlasting love.


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