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A Hymn of Praise – Sheila Storey

By Sue Vander Byl

Whilst sorting through some books recently I came across a small booklet given to me by a lovely Christian friend who lived in Scotby and worshipped at Scotby church a number of years ago. Her name will be familiar to those who have attended the church for a number of years.

The booklet contained a number of hymns written by her, along with suggested tunes to accompany them. Her name is Sheila Storey, and now in her early nineties she lives in a care home in North Wales near her family. It is 10 years since she published the booklet and a few of us were privileged to receive a copy. She was a great teacher and encourager, and led a home group for quite a few years. She also sent many cards and notes of encouragement to many over her years with us, and continued to do so after she moved away. It saddened her greatly that as she became more infirm she could no longer  hold a pen to write as she once did.

I would like to share one of the hymns of praise which she wrote, particularly as we cannot come together physically to praise and worship our God. She was able to express concisely great truths and direct our focus away from our present circumstances towards the faithfulness and unfailing love of God. 

God almighty, rich in mercy
We, unworthy, give you praise
for your goodness, loving kindness,
thankful hearts and hands we raise.

For creation, preservation
all the blessings of our days,
and above, beyond all measure
love embracing costly ways.

Costly love gave us a Saviour
to redeem a world undone;
means of grace, and hope and glory
flow from Christ your risen Son.

Grant that we, sincerely grateful,
show you praise with life and lip,
giving self in true worship.

So may honour, praise and glory,
rise to Father, Spirit, Son.
Yet more hearts find Christ their treasure
until God’s new kingdom come.

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