Scotby Church Grounds Map

For our latest PDF plan of our Church Grounds at Scotby, please click this link to view as an Adobe PDF file.

Alternatively, the map of our church yard and grounds as an interactive map is below! Click on the map to start the application. Then click and drag to move around and use your scroll on your mouse to zoom in and out!

(There are also ‘+’ and ‘-‘ symbols on the top right when you have activated the map to zoom if you prefer, rather than the scroll function on your mouse):

List of Burial Plots and Information 

Linking to the map above, the following is the current information we have on each plot, and where applicable, a link to further information.

Note that this is being continually updated so please check back soon if you wish to know more, or, contact us if you have any specific queries!

Ward A A1: tbc A2: tbc A3: tbc Ward E E1: tbc E2: tbc E3: tbc Ward J J1: tbc J2: tbc J3: tbc
Ward B B1: tbc B2: tbc B3: tbc Ward F F1: tbc F2: tbc F3: tbc Ward K Memorials and flowerbeds.
Ward C C1: tbc C2: tbc C3: tbc Ward G G1: tbc G2: tbc G3: tbc Ward L L1: tbc L2: tbc L3: tbc
Ward D D1: tbc D2: tbc D3: tbc Ward H H1: tbc H2: tbc H3: tbc Ward M Area by the triangle to the rear of the church yard. Not on drawings yet as site is under review.

More information coming soon!