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Last lap!

Well here we are at Swanage with just 7 miles to go – can’t believe our adventure is almost over. As is always the case with holidays, the second half has flown by so much faster than the first! As the end has approached, we have spent quite a lot of time thinking back over the last 10weeks and find that although we can name all the places we passed through in the first 10 days, we have great trouble recalling more recent ones, especially yesterday or the day before. What a good job modern technology means all our photos have time, date and location records.

Monday 26 June. Looking back from The Isle of Portland along the 17mls of Chesil Beach and beyond to Lyme Regis and Exmouth where we have come from.

Later that day, looking from East Portland across to Lulworth Cove and beyond to our final few days of our long walk!

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