Still plodding on!

Hello, everyone. Just to let you know we are still plodding on despite the heatwave. It just means it is essential to make early starts, especially on days involving lots of climbs with little or no shade. We carry lots of water and aim to finish before the hottest part of the day, which means reducing our mileage at times, or completing a walk in the evening, which makes a nice change.

We are now as far as Exmouth with just a hundred miles to go – we can now see the Dorset Coast, so the end is literally in sight!

Having spent 3 days walking along the English Riviera we have seen The British in holiday mode, great to see so many folk enjoying themselves but there will be some sore bodies tonight!

Dawlish promenade.

Black swans at Dawlish!

Hope you are all enjoying summer.

Barbara and Graham


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    Martyn n Katie, Cyprus says:

    Acting very sensibly, as we’d expect, given the weather conditions – keep on plodding and walking outside normal hours etc. Are you near enough the end of your Trek yet to estimate day, date, location?

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      admin says:

      Feorecast is to gradually cool of during this week, in which case we should be able to resume longer walks – best guess is to finish by end of June (Friday seems most likely) at the commemorative marker at South Haven Point, Poole Harbour. There are still a couple of big, tough walks in the mix, so much depends on the weather. We are currently on a superb, peaceful site, right beside a shady tree – could be tempted to linger if heatwave continues, but seems unlikely.

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