Storm force!!!

Well it had to happen sometime, but we never thought it would be quite so dramatic! For 4hrs last Monday we experienced torrential rain and wind gusting up to 50mph! Fortunately we had made a very early start and by the time the storm hit , totally unexpectedly, we were off the cliffs and within half a mile of our destination, so thankfully were able to take refuge in a tearoom. Unfortunately, we cannot show you photos of the raging seas as it was impossible to stand up, let alone take photos.

The following morning we set out in full wet-weather gear, but were soon removing layers and have stayed pretty much dry ever since -although there is rain about we seem to miss all but the odd light shower! These are photos taken the morning after the storm when everything sparkled and the light was wonderful.

This has been a week of no wifi, no mobile signals, few  buses and lots of estuaries to cross.

This bus-stop in Salcombe had seen better days, not to mention the sorry state of the timetable!

Today’s early morning ferry from Salcombe at the start of yet another fabulous day’s walking!

Sometime early tomorrow we will have completed three quarters of the SWCP. Progress should speed up again now we are getting to a much less remote area with good transport links,  so if all continues to go well, maybe we will be seeing you in about three weeks or so.

Thanks for your support and encouragement.

Graham and Barbara


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    Martyn n Katie, Cyprus says:

    Excellent coverage you 2 – impressive, words and pictures – wow, it could be movies next?!

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    Martyn n Katie, Cyprus says:

    Pick of the Pics has to be Graham and the ancient Salcombe Bus Stop. We’re just wondering how old the buses are – pre-war probably!?

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