Five Weeks in!

Our last two postings seem to have gone astray, possibly due to weak wifi, also photos are not getting through, but never mind, here is an update on our progress after five weeks.

The big news is that at 9.23 this morning we passed the half-way marker and amazingly we realised this was exactly five weeks to the minute after we set out from the campervan on 19th April to start our first day’s walk!

The last few days on the Lizard Peninsular have been easier walking which has meant we didn’t have to focus on our feet so much and so we’re able to focus more of our attention on the glorious display of wild flowers for which Lizard is famous at this time of the year.

We arrived at Gillan Creek at low tide so were able to paddle across, thus cutting out several miles of walking – Graham is not convinced it was worth it!


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    Martyn n Katie, Cyprus says:

    Looking good Guys. Lovely Colours and cliff top views. AND you’re looking lean n fit. All Best Wishes for the 2nd half of your adventure.
    M just back from Greece sailing, now in U.K. Til 07/06. Partying with Matt n Co 2day, Bank Holiday, then Farnboro, Oxford, Chilterns, Middleton Cheney ending 06/06 joint birthdays Katie n Chloe. God Bless.

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    Rose and audrey says:

    Well done you two, your looking sooooo well.

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    Ruth and Keith Morton says:

    So seem to have found you lovely views first time seen any pics xxxx

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    Julie says:

    Well done both of you! Keep up the great work. First time I’ve seen dad with a beard since I was a child I think! Nomadic life must be suiting you xx

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