A Few Statistics!

Hi, everyone

We are running out of superlatives to describe the wonders of God’s creation we are privileged to experience day by day, so thought you may be interested in a few statistics.

Today is day 25 of our Big Adventure and we have reached St Ives, which is a third of the way already!

We have walked on 22 days at an average of 6hrs and10 official SWCP miles a day, that’s a total of 132hrs and 220mls, of which less than two hours were in the rain!!! We have completed ascents (and corresponding descents) equivalent to one and a third the height of Everest., and used 31 buses and 2 taxis.

Yesterday was notable for reminders of Cornwall’s Industrial Heritage.


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    Martyn n Katie, Cyprus says:

    Hi u 2! Seems u r making V G Progress and generally enjoying good weather – which u jolly well deserve! Hoping to see some Pics from you of St. Ives. Graham: you got the original How Many answer that we were familiar with as kids. Today on Facebook others speculate:
    Answer: 1, the only person that is assumed to be going to St. Ives is the narrator. But the following answers can be found if looking at the question in other ambiguous ways:
    2802, 2800, 0, 2, 2753, 7, and 9. !!!!!!!
    Nowt simple these days eh?

    Hey, ur fitness must be vastly improved by now! What about weight, is that diminishing as your fitness improves?

    We r both well, frustrated at how long the Limassol apartment project is taking, a whole series of gaffes by suppliers, contractors – But by Friday 19th we should have everything ‘ship-shape’ and ready to ‘live in’. Then M goes off to Greece sailing on Sat’day…and meets up wi Matt n Co, Katie & Chloe the following Weekend in /around ‘Middle England’.

    Take care u 2, enjoy your next phases. God’s Speed!

    Love M n K

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