Three Weeks in!

We are sitting here in the sunshine at a lovely campsite in Tintagel, having come back north to “fill in the gap” by doing the three tough days we postponed due to last weekend’s gale warnings. Today we were walking by 7am as Tintagel to Port Isaac is the first (of only 3) to be graded “severe” , but we must be getting fitter as, despite almost continuous very tricky descents and ascents, it didn’t seem too bad and we arrived in Port Isaac with 2 hours to spare before our bus back to Tintagel.

To give you some idea, in the photo above, each of the headlands fading away into the distance involves a steep descent, most right down to sea level, followed by a climb up the other side. Some paths have rough steps (although usually the wrong height or depth for any normal person), some are steep with loose scree, but the best ones zig-zag. Oh, and they almost invariably have a huge stile to clamber over at the top, just for good measure!

(We have some great photos of some of these features, but unfortunately the website is very particular about what we can post, so you will have to exercise a little imagination!)

We have at last encountered someone else who is walking the whole path in one go! Most folk  do a week or two at a time, perhaps aiming to complete all the sections over five or so years. At the other end of the scale, we have encountered a single man of mature years, complete with red bandana and huge backpack, whose destination is John O’Groats! A bit further on we met a recently retired couple who were doing the same as him but staying in B&Bs. However, yesterday and today we were overtaken by a young couple backpacking the complete SWCP, in the same direction as us, so we may see them again, disappearing into the distance or romping up the climb ahead!!!!

We are now starting to see nesting seabirds on the cliffs and islets, and everyday we see walls and bankings covered by different wild flowers as spring moves towards summer.

Well, time for a shower and some food, we may just manage to listen to “The Archers” before we start nodding off!

 Thanks to you all for your encouragement – we have lots of time to think of you as we tramp along!


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    Linda Hutchinson says:

    Hi there, so enjoying reading all about your amazing adventure. The photos are just stunning. Well done both, so inspirational. You must be so proud of yourselves. Keep well and continue having fun! Love Linda x

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