Change of Plan

Today we were expecting to be up on the high tops again, including the highest cliff in Cornwall, however the 05.20 shipping forecast (yes folks, we really are awake at that time) predicted “gale force 8” in this area, so we had a quick revision of schedule and headed south to lower ground!

The ‘breeze’ can be best described as exhilarating, even at more modest heights, perfect for a hardy Pennine Lass! We had a long but easy walk, much of it along low cliffs with spectacular Atlantic waves crashing on the rocks just below us. In between were sandy coves and long golden beaches, with the sea varying from indigo to turquoise and all shades in between – an artists dream! Couldn’t resist taking off my boots for a paddle!

Whoever designed these stiles must have been a giant!!!!!

So far we have been on very quiet farm sites but we are now on a very busy commercial site in Newquay. If the weather forecast is right, we should be able to head back north after the weekend and do the three “biggies” that we skipped.


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    Sheila Drake says:

    Looks so beautiful! Well done – you are doing so well.

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