A Day Off and a different kind of “Blue Day”.

Yesterday was the last day in the Barnstaple Apartment and our first day off from walking, so we caught up on essential chores – laundry, food shopping and logistical planning for the coming week (something we struggle to concentrate on after a long day walking).

Today we are back to what we love most – walking and our camper van. Not much blue in the sea or the sky today, instead we were treated to mile after mile of bluebell woods and primrose lined paths, taking me back 65yrs to family Sunday afternoon walks. Wednesday will be remembered as the day of the butterflies, today as the day of the bluebells.

Unfortunately, we are still having trouble getting photos past website security so will email to “webmaster Matt “!

Photo now sorted!


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    Sheila Drake says:

    Well done you two! Sounds wonderful!
    Today we were in Swanage with friends and thought of you as you’ll pass through there at the end of your walk. X

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