Update from Graham and Barbara.

In contrast to Wednesday, Thursday did not look very promising, with a threat of rain and ten of the eleven miles being in mixed woodland with an occasional glimps of the sea 650ft below. However, the rain did not materialise and the lack of panoramic vistas was more than made up for by the discovery of Culbone Church, huddled in an isolated valley, miles from civilisation, but amazingly not only in good physical order, but still a live church with fortnightly services.

Said to be the smallest complete parish church in the country, it can seat 33 people “in some discomfort” – we can attest to that, those box pews were designed for little people!
(Sorry, Folks, the outdoor photos of this wonderful little church which has survived for nearly a thousand years refuse to upload!)

On Thursday the clear blue skies returned and we enjoyed great open views as we started the North Devon section and reached Lynmouth, after which we stoically resisted the Furnicular Cliff Railway and toiled up to Lynton, by which time the threatening clouds had passed us by.

Having completed 9 hard miles, and with a tough day ahead on Saturday, we excercised discretion and took a taxi back to the camper van which was parked high up on Exmoor above Doone Valley.

Saturday. 22 April.

A truly wonderful day, tough but exhilarating, 13.5mls with several punishing climbs, including Great Hangman, the highest cliff on the whole SWCPath. The video we wanted to share with you refuses to upload to the website, so you are getting more backs of heads, I’m afraid.

Nope! You are spared backs of heads, but it seems the goat meets with approval!

We are now based for a week in Barnstaple in a comfortable apartment near the bus station as there was no campsite with safe access to the excellent bus network

Many thanks to everyone for your prayers, encouragement and good wishes. We are fit and getting fitter, no blisters, and the stiff leg muscles ease off as soon as we start walking again.

Happy Sunday!


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    Graham and Barbara says:

    Hi Folks, Belated Easter greetings ! Well done for your venture. Enjoying the reports. Scenery looks stunning. Happy memories of Coast to Coast and Grey Mare’s Tail. Looking forward to following your progress.
    Gand B.

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